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An automated Basic Model built by 'Sure Grow'

Quality of Palak grown on a Sure Grow Farm

Quality of Lettuce grown on a Sure Grow Farm

An Arena Type Aeroponic farm built by 'Sure Grow'

              Nothing beats the satisfaction of growing our own food at our home. The happiness in witnessing a plant grow through its various stages, ensuring that it is in good health throughout and finally reaping the fresh and clean vegetables/fruits/greens is something to be experienced in all our lives. But contrary to our dream to maintain our own beautiful home garden, our busy schedules at office and at home always prevent us from doing so. This is the reason for most of our home gardens failing. In our daily frenzy, we forget to water the plants, we forget to give them nutrition or simply forget about them for days together.

                     We at 'Sure Grow' dream to see a farm/garden on/in every home. We are committed to give you the satisfaction of growing your own food for your entire lifetime. 'Sure Grow' builds completely automated home gardens. While ensuring that the food you grow is completely free of pesticides, fungicides and any other form of synthetic chemicals, we free you from the simple yet sensitive jobs of watering, providing nutrition, etc,.  Though automated, the Sure Grow gardens are designed to involve you in the fascinating life cycle of plants.  A wide selection of products to satisfy your specific requirements in home gardening is available from 'Sure Grow'. They are designed and priced to be complete value for money systems. Please choose your model and call/mail us. We will get it delivered it at your doorstep and fit it up too, anywhere in India, Malaysia, Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh.

A rooftop vertical farm built by 'Sure Grow'