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Insightful Workshop on Hydroponic. Aeroponic & Vertical Farming

              The future of farming will use Hydroponics, Aeroponics and protection a lot. Food production will no longer be done in the conventional style, it will be produced everywhere from nooks and corners to vacant houses to roof tops to vacant plots to wherever you could imagine. In other words the advent of such technology will have the entire community involved in quality food production. It is time that we are an early bird to join the revolution in happening.  The first step is to expose ourselves to the concepts, learning how to get started and get a road map to grow the best quality food for our community. This activity for many has the potential to become fulfilling and rewarding profession as well.

The SureGrow Workshop

             SureGrow organizes one-day hands-on workshops to initiate you into the wonderful activity of food production employing state of the art technology. Our workshops are personally handled by Prof.Nagendhiran Viswanathan and cover all that you would need to get initiated to take an informed and confident step into the food producing community. Our workshop will be very focussed and packs in practical sessions where you will get to do all activities related to hi-tech farming. You also get to visit our model vertical farm.

Highlights of what you will learn in the workshop

  • Technical demonstration of a functional Aeroponic Module
  • Technical demonstration of 3 types of functional Hydroponic Modules
  • Live demo farm visit and explanation
  • Vertical & Multistage cropping calculations and potential
  • Hands-on training on nutrition management
  • Project economic potential discussion
  • Information on government schemes
  • All fundamentals will be covered

Expected outcomes from the SureGrow Workshop

  • To propagate the idea of Hi-tech farming to the community and show how this will be the future style of producing food.
  • To show that farming can now be a high income white collar job.
  • To bring out the finer technical aspects of Hi-tech farming, which may not be available over search engines.
  • To find partners for ‘Sure Grow’ in its pursuit to become the global leader in this field.
  • To encourage young entrepreneurs to make India the hub for this technology globally.


  • Course Certificate
  • Course Material
  • Complimentary 'SureGrow' plant nutrients pack for making 100 litres of nutrient solution
  • Complimentary pH setting kit

Maximum number of Participants is 5

         We limit the maximum number of participants to5, to give personalised attention and to ensure that the workshop delivers the expected outcomes. Allocation of seats will be on first come first served basis.

Schedule & Venue

            Conducted everyAlternate Sunday in Coimbatore. Any alternate city will be announced in this space at least a month in advance.

           Timings :9:00 am to 5:30 pm - Timings will be followed strictly. Start will not be delayed for late comers at any cost.

 Next workshop dates: 

                                        Temporarily Not Available

Workshop Fee     

       Basic Course fee  : Rs.3600/-

       GST @18%            : Rs.648/-

       Total Fee                : Rs.4248/-

100% of total Fee to be paid in advance to company bank account for confirmation of participation. If there are less than 5 participants enrolled for the session, your fee will be reimbursed to your account 4 days prior to the scheduled workshop date. You may also opt to keep your payment to participate in the next session.

Our Bank Details

Bank                          : State Bank of India - Branch: Veerakeralam
Name                        : Pennysworth Techno Farms Private  Limited
Current Account .No : 35195944821
Ifsc code                   : SBIN0010618

Venue of Workshop

                           Pennysworth Techno Farms P(Ltd) Corporate office

                           50A/1, Mariamman Kovil Street, Veerakeralam, Coimbatore - 641007

                          Type Sure Grow on googlemap to locate us

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