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Dear Mr. Nagendhiran
          Thanks for the documents shared over the email. It has been a good guide and helped a lot during the training session with your staff at the farm. I was able to clarify most of the doubts. The document has step by step process mentioned in simple language and it covers important aspects and also precautions to be taken during the project and it will be a very useful guide for us.
We had initial constraints and show stoppers at the start of the project and was thinking whether I would be able to complete the project. Sure grow has been flexible, very supportive and assisted us in completing the project. Thanks to you Mr. Nagendhiran and the team.
The team Mr. Prabakaran and the earlier team led by Mr Ashok had spent few weeks at the farm to set up the entire farm. Thanks to them and the dedicated staff without them this project would not  have come so far. The team has completed the farm house to our satisfaction.  

Thanks to Mr. Ruben who had been guiding the project in the initial phase and gave valuable and important inputs.
The co-ordinator Ms Revathi has been extremely supportive and ensured that the project delivery happens as per the plan and she had been aggressively following it up to get the project completed.
I am looking forward for your support to enter the next phase of the project in planting and harvesting and grow this farm further with your valuable guidance

"As pure novices when it comes to farming, we found the Sure Grow team, specifically Prof. Nagendran to be extremely creative in his solutions and ideas for economic yet quality methods of high-tech cultivation. We had previously met with several other consultants but found Sure Grow to be most polite, trustworthy, full of ideas and the willingness to help. We request Prof. Nagendran to further strengthen his team so that he can take more projects with an even faster turn around time."
Warm Regards,
Vinda Dravid, 
Arq Foodtech LLP

Sure Grow have asked me for a feedback about them as I have been using their services since 2015. My farm is on the roof top with a greenhouse and arena type plant growing set-up. Initially it was an Aeroponic set-up and later I asked them to convert it to a Hydroponic farm which they did. The reason to convert to Hydroponics was because Aeroponics proved to be too sensitive to power cuts and temperature variations. 
I have had maintenance works to be done at times, they've done it every time. Once or twice there has been a delay in their response but overall they have been responsible.
In terms of crops, I am the experimenting sort and have tried a very wide variety of crops. I've even grown carrot in Tirupur, which is generally a hot place. The crops have come out good both in the Aeroponic as well as hydroponic set up. I have required quite a lot of assistance on the crop front too. Sure Grow have shared their expertise freely and at times have also consulted other experts and passed on the information.
The best thing about Sure Grow is Prof.Nagendhiran's Knowledge of the field and the friendly, committed team. We can always connect back to them for any support. All the best to Sure Grow.
 with regards 
R sarojadevi


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Hi sir/madam,
Sure grow's team about hydroponics installation and services on the setting up the polyhouse for a terrace garden farming is very good and satisfactory.
Thanks & Regards,

Hi sir,

        I was really surprised the way you created the plan within a span of  an hour and the way you guided to execute the plan. This showed the depth of your experience and research knowledge in the field. I am happy and lucky to have such opportunity very near to my residence.  Thank you for the knowledge you have shared with me.

Mrs.Vimala Rani

​Vadavalli - Coimbatore