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'Sure Grow' Butterfly Polyhouse

housing a Vertical Tower Farm

'Sure Grow' Vertical Tower Farm

Lush Arugula leaves on 'Sure Grow' Vertical A Frame

Rich Tomatoes on 'Sure Grow' Vertical Tower Farm

'Sure Grow' Built Vertical Straight Stack

'Sure Grow' Built Vertical Strawberry Farm

Hi Tech Farming Consultancy

        If you plan to get into hi tech farming or need an upgrade on your existing hi-tech farming facility, we can guide you. From conventional style ultra high density farming to state of the art vertical Aeroponic facilities, from the nacent stage to the marketing level our in-house experts will be very useful. Please call or whatsapp to +919585286005 or mail to suregrowfarm@gmail.com. You may also fix an appointment and meet us at our office in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu state.

Turnkey Aeroponic, Hydroponic & Aquaponic projects

        'Sure Grow' also takes up turnkey construction and commissioning of hi-tech farming projects. For turnkey assignments we provide all services from assisting you in the planning phase to constructing and commissioning your project to providing you hands-on training in hi-tech farming.  We offer multiple back end technologies that include Aeroponics, NFT based hydroponics, Ebb & Flow based hydroponics, Deep water culture based hydroponics,Medium based  hydroponics, Aquaponics, etc.  In terms of set up design we offer Flat bed type, A Frame type, Tower Type, Arena type and Horizontal type for larger plants.  In the polyhouse front, we build both naturally ventilated and climate controlled polyhouses. The polyhouses are suitable for vertical farming. We also build indoor and ultra high density projects using spectrum optimized LED grow lights. All projects done by 'Sure Grow' are automated. 

Hydroponic & Aeroponic Plant Nutrients

          There is a lot of excitement generated by Hi-Tech farming and people are ready to pay a premium for getting the right hydroponic/aeroponic nutrients. This is capitalised on by business houses and these plant nutrients are high priced. This does not cater well for the commercial farmer as well as the industry. We at 'Sure Grow' bring you optimally formulated A and B set of nutrients at extremely reasonable prices thus increasing profitability in commercial projects. You may post your requirement  by mail(suregrowfarm@gmail.com). We can ship any quantity of your plant nutrients to anywhere in India, Sri Lanka, Malasiya and Bangladesh. 

Urban Farming Solutions

      Nothing beats the satisfaction of growing our own food at our home. 'Sure Grow' builds completely automated home gardens. While ensuring that the food you grow is completely free of pesticides, fungicides and any other form of synthetic chemicals, we free you from the simple yet sensitive jobs of watering, providing nutrition, etc,.  Though automated, the Sure Grow gardens are designed to involve you in the fascinating life cycle of plants.  A wide selection of products to satisfy your specific requirements in home gardening is available from 'Sure Grow'. They are designed and priced to be complete value for money systems. Please choose your model and call/mail us. We will get it delivered it at your doorstep and fit it up too, anywhere in India, Malaysia, Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh.


      'Sure Grow' provides two kinds of training. The first type of training for the Hi-Tech farmer which covers everything from the basics to  nutrient formulations to government support available for Hi-Tech farming in respective countries.

The second kind of training is hardcore technical training for people who aspire to start the business of building Aeroponic/Hydroponic solutions. Please contact us for further details. Indicate the type of training you are looking for.

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