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Greenhouse and its use

              A greenhouse .is not just a shed. It is a functional housing for plants. A greenhouse could be a glasshouse or a polyhouse or an insect house or a shade house in various shapes and sizes suited to the regional climate and the crop/crops to be grown inside. In some cases a greenhouse cladding could be a hybrid cladding of any of the above.

                 In the open plants are exposed to wind, heat, cold, Ultra violet light, Infra red light, and abnormal relative humidity,etc,. Wind causes moisture and nutrition losses from the surface of the plants and causes stress. Wind could carry diseases too. Each plant grows comfortably within a temperature band, when this changes the plant feels stressed and show stress symptoms like blossom drop, bolting,etc,. Plant uses only certain spectra(colours) of light for its photosynthesis. Other lights like infrared and ultraviolet cause irritation to the plants and some plants may be very sensitive to such rays. Light colours which are not required at the least contribute to heat and are not beneficial to the plants in any way. Prolonged wetness and humidity too cause problems to plants promoting the propagation of pathogens.

                All the above plant stress factors can be mitigated by a well designed greenhouse. The choice & strength of the greenhouse frame, the polyfilm with the desired properties, the insect net of the right material with the correct mesh size, the right type of shade net for a given geographical location, the right cooling system, etc., all  matter in making a good greenhouse comfortable for the crops we cultivate inside.

Protected Cultivation

How comfortable is home for us? 

Aren't we who live in homes more productive in many ways than the people on the street?

Plants are also more productive when you give them a home - a greenhouse

They give you more quantity of non toxic, clean & healthy food.

Like us different plants need different homes and the home designs also depend on the climate of a region.