Mode of Conduct of Workshop

       Contact Class mode:

  •       You can physically attend the class at our premises
  •       Conducted every 2nd and 4th Sunday of a month
  •       Workshop time 9am to 7pm with two tea breaks and a lunch break
  •       Maximum 6 participants only per week
  •       Contact Class Fee: Rs.3000/- including GST.


      Online class mode:

  •       You can attend the live online workshop over Google Meet.
  •       Conducted every 1st and 3rd Sunday of a month
  •       Workshop time 9am to 7pm with two tea breaks and a lunch break
  •       Maximum 10 participants only per week
  •       Contact Class Fee: Rs.2700/- including GST.

Next Contact class workshop: 11/06/2023 Sunday

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Next Online workshop: 18/06/2023 Sunday

Expected outcomes of the SureGrow Workshop

  • To propagate the idea of Hi-tech farming to the community and show how this will be the future style of producing food.
  • To understand Aeroponics, Hydroponics and Vertical Farming from basics to the state of the art.
  • To show that farming can now be a high income white collar job through project analysis.
  • To bring out the finer technical aspects of Hi-tech farming, which may not be available over search engines.
  • To find partners for ‘Sure Grow’ in its pursuit to become the global leader in this field.
  • To encourage young entrepreneurs to make India the hub for this technology globally.
  • To know how to formulate plant nutrient

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Content of the SureGrow Workshop

  •         International & Indian perspective of the Industry so that you can make a clear business plan.
  •         Detailing on 6 plant growing technologies with pros, cons & comparison
  •        Design Detailing on Container Farm, Warehouse Farm, Naturally ventilated, Assisted Ventilation, Forced Ventilation                    and Fan & Pad  polyhouse
  •          Design Detailing of evaporative cooling system
  •        Design Detailing of 4 different types of vertical farming systems
  •        Vertical & Multistage cropping calculations, business analysis and potential
  •        You will learn how to formulate your own hydroponic plant nutrients
  •        Project economic potential discussion
  •        Water quality details
  •        All fundamentals will be covered

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The SureGrow Aeroponic & Hydroponic Workshop

​​       SureGrow conducts technical workshops every Sunday. Prof.Nagendhiran Viswanathan personally handles these workshops. Participants can directly interact with Prof.Nagendhiran. The workshop is being held for the last 3 years and participant feedback has been very  good. The content is very comprehensive such that it gives you a strong foundation to become a successful Agripreneur.  The workshop includes project analysis and live virtual site visit.too.

Technology for a food secure tomorrow


  • Decide whether you want to attend contact class or online course
  • Decide the date you want to attend 
  • Call 9585286071 and confirm whether vacancy is available for your preferred date.
  • If your preferred date is available 
  • Scan the payment QR code below 
  • Pay Rs.3000/- if you want to attend contact class 
  • Pay Rs.2700/- if you want to attend online class 
  • Fill the registration form and submit