Technology for a food secure tomorrow

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       Agriculture generally in developing countries is labour intensive and relatively less productive. Industrialization is making manpower availability a premium. While this hinders productivity, ever increasing food needs also makes precision agriculture the need of the hour. Advances in sensor technology, communication infrastructure and commonness of computers . . . . .

     The role of soil in growing plants is to provide support, to hold plant nutrients and to be home to some useful micro organisms. But there are certain drawbacks in soil based cultivation which makes food production a challenge considering the ever booming population growth, massive food production needs and conservation of essential life resources like water . . . 

Automated farming

growing healthy food

Protected cultivation


                     Sure Grow is a brand owned by Pennysworth Techno Farms Pvt. Ltd. The company was founded by Prof.Nagendhiran, an expert and research person in the field of soilless, medium less and multi deck farming techniques. The company is located in southern peninsular region of the Indian sub-continent. The company operates globally either directly or through its subsidaries in select countries. Given the fact that ever rising food productivity needs have led to new lows in quality of food production and dangerous environmental hazards, we need reliable environmentally safe solutions for high productivity of quality food. This is exactly the mission of all sure grow products and services. This sentiment is reflected in NASA’s observation too. From next generation home gardening solutions to high productivity high tech commercial farms we provide the complete spectrum. Welcome to the website and contact us for all your high tech farming requirements - small or big, we assure you that Sure Grow would be the ultimate one stop shop.

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     Shelter is a fundamental requirement for us humans. Shelter is to get protected from climatic harshness and nature's fury. Similarly plants too require shelter and thrive well when protected and grown inside a greenhouse.The term  greenhouse includes shade houses, poly houses and glass houses. Choice of type of green house depends on stringency of application and cost considerations. .....

Soilless farming

      The farming land availability on our planet is a constant. But food need is an ever growing problem. This has forced human kind to almost double the density of planting. But the soil has limitations and and the increase in planting density had to be sustained by application of fertilizers. Along with human population increase insects and micro organisms too multiplied forcing use of pesticides and the like.  This has made our food highly toxic. Clean food with mass productivity is the need of the hour. .