Aeroponic & Hydroponic Vertical Farming Solutions

Technology for a food secure tomorrow

  • Population of the world is still rising and yet to stabilize.
  • Our cultivable land area remains the same.
  • Our resources are shrinking.​
  • Quality of food produced is getting compromised

         We face a potential problem here. The shrewd and the smart would seize the opportunity. 'Protected - Computerized -  Soilless - Vertical' farming at a commercial scale not only solves the above problems but is also a great fulfilling business proposition with potentially great returns on your investment. 'Sure Grow' builds turnkey commercial farming projects. With research, development and implementation capabilities over the entire technology spectrum of hi-tech farming,we are an indigenous company in the truest sense and the 'Sure Grow' team is probably the best to work with to sky rocket in this field(literally).

From initial level planning to building your project we can take care of you. Let us take you through the essentials to start a commercial project. 

Getting started on a commercial hi-tech farming project - 20 essential questions you need to answer

  1. What crop/crops do you plan to grow on your commercial hi-tech farm?
  2. On what basis have you chosen the crop/crops?
  3. Where do you want to do your farming?
  4. Does the climate suit the crop/crops that you have chosen?
  5. Is a naturally ventilated greenhouse sufficient or would you require a climate controlled greenhouse to grow your chosen crops in your location?
  6. What back end technology viz; Aeroponics, Hydroponics is best?
  7. Do you want to do vertical farming or not?
  8. If you want to do vertical farming which vertical design suits your chosen crop/crops?
  9. What other crops can be done in the same design?
  10. Investment vs Returns is your choice viable?
  11. How will you get hands on training to get into hi-tech farming?
  12. On the way if you face a bottleneck who can assist you?
  13. Do you have a clear idea of your operational expenses?
  14. Have you factored in your operational expenses in your calculations?
  15. Have you chosen a knowledgeable consultant and good experienced contractor to build your hi-tech farming infrastructure?
  16. Is your service provider capable of explaining the quality of components used in your infrastructure and their significance?
  17. What are the recurring expenses?
  18. Have you talked to multiple service providers?
  19. Have you allocated working capital?
  20. Do you want to start big or grow organically from a compact sized farm?

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