The A-Type vertical farming system is one of the most popular vertical arrangements used across the world. It is a very cost effective system and the only vertical plant growing arrangement which does not require grow-lights. This is an arrangement well suited to India and can be used to grow a wide variety of crops with high density of growth. The 'SureGrow' A-Type system has 10 decks on each side, effectively providing 20 decks. We have modularized this design and each module has a standard width of 14 feet including walking corridors on either side. The standard length is 22 feet. Thus each module occupies a floor area of 308 square feet. The height is around 10 feet. The length breadth and height are all customizable depending on user requirement and space availability. Each module is self contained with its own nutrition reservoir, water reservoir, pumps, fogging system and automation so this model allows the farmer to increase the size of the farm organically as their business develops.  The system can work with or without a housing. Top view and side view of the module is shown below. Cost marginally reduces with increase in the number of modules purchased together. 

The 'A - Type' Vertical Farming System 

Simple proven scalable technology for your farming business & passion

Our Commercial Vertical Farming Product Line

             Vertical farming technology allows very high productivity even in a small space like a roof top or a garden. So no longer is farming possible only with acres of land, rather you can do profitable farming even with a modest roof top space or a home garden space. The power of such farming opens up a new avenue of earning for home makers and people alternatively engaged but looking for additional streams of income flow. Performance tables  are presented for each model below which will give an idea of the respective income potential. Income apart such small effective farms are important for our country as many such small farms together will boost the agricultural productivity of the nation. 

       The climate factor

There is a misconception in this field that anything can be grown in any climate. Theoretically this may be true but when we weigh the cost benefit of growing a non regional crop in certain cases climate conditioning may render the project economically non viable. We have made a simple classification of climate zones as 'A', 'B', 'Cand 'D' from an Indian perspective. Based on the zones we have specified what crops can be grown on a particular infrastructure in a particular climate zone.

Please read the detailed article on this written by Prof. Nagendhiran Viswanathan on our technical articles page. 

Zone Classification​​​

Climate Code A: Hill stations where the summer max. temp. is 28 deg celsius and winter min temp is 8 deg celsius.

Climate Code B: Hill stations where the summer max. temp. is 28 deg celsius and winter min temp is 0 deg celsius.

Climate Code C: Elevated table land like the Deccan Plateau where the summer max temperature is 35 deg celsius and summer humidity does not exceed 60%.
Climate Code
D: Indian plains where the summer max temperature is 42 deg celsius and summer humidity does not exceed 50%.

​​​​Crops that can be cultivated in A zone without greenhouse:                         

​        Strawberries, Green Leaf Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce, Lolla Rossa Lettuce, Butterhead Lettuce, Iceberg Lettuce, Pak Choy, Rocket Salad Leaves, Broccoli, Chinese Cabbage Cauliflower, Cabbage

Crops that can be cultivated in B zone without greenhouse:
Crops that can be cultivated in 
C zone without greenhouse:

        Cauliflower, Cabbage, Spinach(Palak), Black Night Shade(Manathakkali keerai/ chukkuti Keerai), Sorrel Leaves(Gongura/Pulicha Keerai), Basil leaves, Spleen Amaranth Leaves(Arai Keerai), Tropical Amaranth(Siru Keerai), Sessile Joyweed(Ponnanganni Keerai), Brahmi Leaves(Vallarai Keerai), Mulai Keerai, Paruppu Keerai, Coriander, Mint, Thandu Keerai, Pasalai, Methi

Crops that can be cultivated in 
D zone without housing:

Crops that can be cultivated in A zone without housing:

Crops that can be cultivated in B zone without housing:

Crops that can be cultivated in C zone without housing:

Crops that can be cultivated in D zone without housing:

Crops that can be: 98 Planter Hydroponic Grow Table & SG100PT

Technology: Hydroponics

Floor Area Needed: 10 Feet X 8 Feet = 80 Sq.ft.

Irrigation & Plant Nutrition: Automatically timed

Nutrition Reservoir: 200 Liters capacity 

Ships to: Anywhere in India

Additional accessories: 200 seeds, germination tray, grow media, plant nutrition starter     pack, user manual, plant support stick(8 nos), nutrition reservoir.

Installation Category: Simple DIY

Cost: Rs.48600/-