Prof Nagendhiran Viswanathan

​​Indian Leadership Award Winner For Industrial development ​

Technology for a food secure tomorrow

Given the fact that ever rising food productivity needs have led to new lows in quality of food production and dangerous environmental hazards, we need reliable environmentally safe solutions for high productivity of quality food. This is exactly the mission of all sure grow products and services. This sentiment is reflected in NASA’s observation too. From next generation home gardening solutions to high productivity high tech commercial farms we provide the complete spectrum. Feel free to contact us/visit us for all your high tech farming requirements - small or big, we assure you that Sure Grow would be the ultimate one stop shop. 

The Core members of Team 'Sure Grow'

​           Sure Grow is a brand owned by Pennysworth Techno Farms Pvt. Ltd. The company was founded by Prof.Nagendhiran, an expert and research person in the field of automated soilless, medium less and multi deck farming techniques. The company is located in southern peninsular region of the Indian sub-continent in the state of Tamil Nadu. The company operates globally either directly or through its subsidaries in select countries. The Company has been chosen among the 10 best Agritech startups in India in the year 2018. Prof. Nagendhiran was also awarded the Indian Leadership Award for Industrial development by the all India achiever's foundation in the year 2017.

​Ms. Ganga Nair

 A  'SureGrow' throughbred, Ms.Ganga works very closely with Prof.Nagendhiran and is the person most committed to our 'vision' & 'mission'. She is a person who always moves around with a smile but her affable nature belies the strong sincerity of purpose she has. She coordinates all the activities in 'SureGrow' as the Administrative Manager. She also manages other verticals into which 'SureGrow' ventures' either directly or through sister concerns. 

Mr.Azhagan Vivekanandhan

The youngest member of 'Team SureGrow', Azhagan is a very special person. He is soft spoken in nature but a very deep, progressive thinker with strong foresight, he creates the company's quality policies in tune to our 'Vision' and 'Mission'. He also takes care of the Information Technology backbone of the company and contributes towards development of the company's proprietary software as well. 'SureGrow' has a huge responsibility to contribute significantly towards quality food production for the company and Azhagan represents the next generation of this journey.

Our Vision

       To become the best solution provider, in the Soil-Less farming Industry globally.  To achieve a position where a significant portion of the world’s vegetative food produce is done using  the company’s systems.

Our Mission

Back-ended by strong R & D, provide sustainable, continuously evolving and effective food growing solutions to benefit the global community significantly.

Our Strength

Capability to design, develop & integrate rather than just integrate powered by Team ‘Sure Grow’ and infusing the much needed dynamism in this industry.