• Project Planning & Consultancy
  • Project Proposal Preparation
  • Project infrastructure design & Fabrication
  • Project Construction & Commissioning
  • Hands-on onsite Training
  • Crop consumables sourcing & supply
  • Crop cultivation guidance, support & handholding
  • Post harvest processing consultancy & support
  • Goodwill support for marketing of produce

Farming is no longer an unorganized sector. Farming is fast evolving into an industry where focus is on investment, returns, process, quality, automation, etc,. We at SureGrow completely understand this and our complete focus is to support our clients right from the planning stage to implementation to successful cultivation and post harvest processing. Our team understand that training and handholding are the most important aspects towards success of a project. In terms of the infrastructure we cater to diverse crops, climates, terrain and clientele. Having been in the industry for more than 10 years our expertise is our most valuable asset. Research, development and re-engineering are our basis and this completes the thoroughbred professionals that we are. Afterall 160+ projects is definitely experience to rekon with.

Team SureGrow

   We are a team of Engineers headed by Prof.Nagendhiran Viswanathan. Each of us specialize in particular aspect of a project. All team members participate in product development which makes them thorough in their respective area of expertise. This style of working is a huge value addition to the client as after commissioning support is of very high standards and very time efficient as well. Diverse expertise enables majority inhouse process and results in very significant cost cuts to client when working with our team. Our team is capable of implementing projects in deserts as well as snowing regions and anything in between. We will make all effort to make you a successful Agripreneur.

Hydroponics-Aeroponics-Vertical Farming-Climate Conditioning-Greenhouses-IoT-Training 

Technology for a food secure tomorrow

Our Company

Namste! we are a proud Indian company building new-age farms for the smart farmer. We work across India, The Middle East and South East Asia. Starting from design to project implementation to handholding you up to post harvest processing we take care of you. The uniqueness of farming is that it is fulfilling and rewarding. Team 'SureGrow' welcome you to join us on an exciting travel into the future with our assurance of best committed services at all times.

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